Structural Studs & Structural Track

Flat Strapping (Flat Stock)

Cold Rolled Channel (U-Channel)

Exterior Slotted Track

Titan Header System

Telling’s VersaDry System allows drywall to be installed 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf. The shelf mitigates the wicking of water and eliminates the need for caulk resulting in cost and labor savings.

Our Innovations & Patents

Patent pending
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True Brace

Issued June 6, 2019

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Bridge Clips

Issued Dec 3, 2013

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Versadry Track

Issued Dec 3, 2013

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Issued Aug 9, 2022.

Patent pending
Stud Blocking


Patent pending
Structural Stud & Track
Patent pending
Titan Header System

LEED Certified: Supporting Sustainability

We do our part in protecting and conserving our planet’s natural resources by meeting or exceeding the U.S. Green Building Council LEED criteria for recycled content on all our metal products.

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From traditional metal framing to fire-resistant tracks, find everything you need for your project.

True-Rule Technology
True-Rule Technology eliminates the need for a tape measure to field cut metal framing components saving valuable time and money.
VersaDry Drywall Track
The VersaDry track comes in a non-rated track, and both have passed Fire resistance and acoustical testing according to ASTM E119 Specifications.
True-Action Slotted Track
True-Action™Slotted Track is the industry preferred system for achieving head-of-wall deflection and fire resistance for interior and exterior walls.
Structural Studs
Strength is by design. TELLING® structural framing products are engineered C-shaped members, roll formed with the highest-grade galvanized steel available.
Traditional Metal Framing
At no additional cost, 30mil and 33mil traditional metal framing is available with our patented True-Rule Technology.